This is my second week working at Reclaim Hosting as their Community Instructional Technologist. It’s been fantastic getting to meet the team, tiring getting my work from home desk setup put together just the way I like it1, and invigorating getting to dive right into a bunch of new stuff. It’s already been amazing making Domains my day job, something which I loved helping with at SNC so much.

I’m still very much in the onboarding phase here, so I have a ton of stuff to learn and new information coming at me daily, which I’m particularly enjoying and feels new in a way that I’m not used to. It’s not like I wasn’t used to diving into new stuff at SNC, that’s basically part of a technologist’s job description, but in this case I don’t mean technical stuff. What’s different for me is learning how this team handle’s the day-to-day important stuff, how communication works, etc. I haven’t really had to get comfortable in an entirely new work environment since I started my first full-time position at SNC. So far the team here has been extremely welcoming and organized, so that’s made things easy 😊

  1. I’m extremely picky about such things, I have a whole seperate post about this in the works ↩︎