Yesterday was my last day working at St. Norbert College and today was my first day at Reclaim Hosting. I can talk more about my new role at Reclaim Hosting and what I’m excited about soon, but first I need to reflect.

Most people who know me IRL know that I graduated from SNC in 2014, spent a year teaching band and general music in the K-12 world, decided it wasn’t for me, then found myself back at SNC working in ITS. Seeing as I don’t have a public résumé on this site, I figure its probably worth at least mentioning that bit here.

I started at ITS as a User Support Specialist, working at the Service Desk. After a couple years I moved on to the Academic Technology team as a Learning Technologies Specialist. I was excited to move to that team because it let me tackle some larger, more technical projects, as well as letting me lean on my background in teaching to inform decisions that would improve the platforms I supported. Later when I moved into the role of Insturctional Technologist, I was again excited because I got to work closely with faculty and students on teaching and learning related projects, this time through supporting the Tech Bar, Knight Domains and other projects.

I don’t really have enough bandwith right now to properly highlight individual projects but for now I’ll just say that SNC ITS was a great place for me, and I was able to learn so much in my time there. I’ll miss the team there as well as the amazing students I got to work with.