Today I did a stream where I attempted to create an Owncast installer live in about an hour. I have used Owncast before, and used Jim’s blog post to set it up manually, but that’s mostly all the prep I had done beforehand. Having just come off of setting up a Mastodon installer, greatly helped as I learned a lot from that experience, and was able to re-use a lot of stuff from it.

I ended up kind of flying through everything, as I felt like the clock was ticking, so it may not be the best explainer, but if are curious how to run things in docker-compose and how our Reclaim Cloud installers work, you may find it an interesting watch, or skim.

If you want to check out the actual files for the installer, you can find those here:


Oh, and that installer is live in the marketplace now! I did end up including add-ons to make updating and domain configuration 1-click, like our Ghost installer. I didn’t end up streaming the part where I made the add-ons, but that basically amounted to me borrowing some stuff from my Ghost installer. Go check it out if you want to try out a self-hostable live video server!

UPDATE: Watching this recording back, it seems like there is a chunk missing near the end! Not sure what happened there, I’ll have to investigate another time.