I’m really proud of the work our Tech Bar students have been doing promoting their next event on campus called “Claim Your Own Slice of the Web.” Yes, the pun is intended.

They’ve been working hard promoting the event on our website, social media, and in person by camping outside the cafe and talking to their peers! They’ve also made a ton of really cool promotional materials:

They’ve also been promoting the event via Instagram:

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I see this as something that is a natural next step from our Open Domains Lab idea. Now that our Tech Bar has a real home in Cofrin Hall, we don’t have a great need for a physical space and dedicated time to have students, staff and faculty pop in for help. Instead we need to focus on spreading the word about knight.domains and what people can do with domains.

With that in mind, our students chose to focus the language they used when promoting the event around “building a website.” This is very different from the way we typically talk in our office, using jargon like domains, digital identity, digital literacy etc. The whole idea behind this is to draw a new/different audience to this event. The blog post that we point people to for info and to sign up is also intentionally brief and straight-to-the-point:

The Tech Bar is hosting a seminar on April 3rd at 6:30pm. This will be held in the room 101 in the Mulva Library. During your four years at St. Norbert College, you have access to a FREE domain under knight.domains. We will be showing all the possibilities of “claiming your own slice of the web”! Students, faculty, staff, and community members are all welcome. Free pizza will be provided.

We’ve had a fair few people sign-up so far and we are less than a week away, so I’m excited!