I’ve been using Nativefier to keep web apps I use all day (that I don’t want to get lost in my Chrome tabs) in my macOS dock / Windows taskbar. I’ve been struggling to find a good cross-platform solution for this, as I use both macOS and Windows pretty regularly, but Nativefier works great.

Here’s a screenshot of one I made for Google Keep:

And then it also shows up in my dock!

Installing node modules isn’t exactly point and click but if your comfortable with the terminal it’s a piece of cake. I would recommend installing Node by using Homebrew on the Mac or Chocolatey on Windows. Once you install Homebrew or Chocolatey it’s just one command to install Node.


brew install node


choco install nodejs

Then you can use npm to install nativefier:

npm install -g nativefier

Finally, you are ready to use nativefier!

nativefier -n "Google Keep" https://keep.google.com

Header Image from github.com/jiahaog/nativefier