Here are some notes I made on how I upgraded various Peertube installs ( and, mainly) to version 5.0. Version 5 came with some big changes, and required some a new config for nginx, as well as a required setting in a new to me production.yaml file. Here are some quick notes if you are having trouble upgrading to version 5, and you are using a docker-compose based setup. There were some notes in the GitHub release for this new version that informed my notes below, but it did take me a little figuring and experimentation to make sense of all of it.

Before getting started, check where your docker-compose file is for Peertube. Looking at the Peertube GitHub, you’ll see references to /var/www/peertube-docker but if you used our reclaim cloud installer your files are in /root. I’ll assume your Peertube’s docker-compose.yml is in /root in the following commands, but adjust as necessary.

First, we need to pull the new containers:

cd /root
docker-compose pull

Next, we need to use get the new config file for the nginx container from the Peertube GitHub.

cd /root/docker-volume/nginx
rm peertube

We also need to generate a secret, and put it in the production.yaml configuration file. I didn’t have one of these, so I made a blank one to start.

cd /root/docker-volume/config
touch production.yaml

We’ll need to generate a key, which we can do from the command line with this command:

openssl rand -hex 32

Copy that somewhere, as we’ll need it in a second.

Next, we’ll edit our production.yaml file to include a new secret section. You’ll also want to paste in your key.

vim /root/docker-volume/config/production.yaml

Mine now looks something like this:

  # Generate one using `openssl rand -hex 32`
  peertube: 'your-generated-key-goes-between-these-quotes'

We’ve got most of the hard stuff done. Now we need to restart Peertube:

cd /root
docker-compose down -v
docker-compose up -d

If Peertube doesn’t come back up properly, tail the logs:

docker-compose logs -f 

Finally, when things are all set, we have to run a migration script as Peertube has changed where it stores private video files:

cd /root
docker-compose exec -u peertube peertube node dist/scripts/migrations/peertube-5.0.js