This site is amazing if you ever need to compress an image or need to make it into one of the new fancy formats like WebP. The only trouble is its URL is too cheeky for its own good and I never remember it or spell it correctly. I’ve got it in my Raindrop bookmarks now, but I figured I’d blog it, so I REALLY don’t forget it. Also, maybe other folks will find it handy.

So, what does it do? It lets you drag a picture in and compress it into many different image formats. While doing this, you also get a nice comporator-style preview of both the source image and the compressed image, as well as the file size before and after. Best of all, it does this all in your browser, without actually uploading the file to anybody else’s server.

a screenshot of squoosh being used to compress an image from the james webb space telescope
it squooshed it down from 6 megabytes to 76 kilobytes!

Oh, and yes, all the images in this post were indeed squooshed. It was non-trivially confusing to squoosh a screenshot of squoosh itself.