I’ve been talking about OBS setups, cameras and mics, and other recording and streaming stuff with Jim and Pilot quite a bit recently as part of Instructional Tech stuff at Reclaim. Recently, I shared with them some of my favorite streaming and OBS focused YouTube channels. I thought it might be handy to note those here as well.

Alpha Gaming

I really like the Alpha Gaming channel, Harris focuses a lot on game streaming career stuff that I don’t personally care about, but I think he has a pretty good picture of what gear related problems exist and need to be solved in the space. He also has a background in audio engineering, which IMO does come across when he talks about audio stuff:


The EposVox channel is fantastic, and goes very deep into capture cards, mics, cameras, and retro stuff. I really like the breadth of things he covers, and I think he does a pretty good job of covering more broad needs than just game streaming when relevant to the particular product he’s talking about.

He’s also put out an OBS Studio “Master Class” that seems great, though I’ve only watched a few parts of it so far. I think it could be a great in-depth tutorial for folks who want that:

OBS Studio Master Class Playlist - EposVox on YouTube

OBS Studio Master Class Course Index Google Doc


This channel has a lot of OBS tutorials, and I think they’re great because they typically are pretty self-contained don’t assume that you have access to other software, even though they are often covering some more advanced tips and tricks. The only thing I don’t love in recommending the channel is the humor in the videos doesn’t always land, but it’s harmless. I’ve linked one below showing how to add drop shadows and rounded corners to different video sources in OBS: