On February 9th1 we had our second Community Chat at Reclaim Hosting, this one called State of Reclaim!

It was a breakdown of what each group at Reclaim has been busy with, as well as what they are looking ahead towards. We also had Tim talk about early work on the Domains API.

Here’s the recording:

Also, here are some of the links for follow up that were mentioned in that recording:

It was exciting to see so many folks from the Reclaim Community show up, and there was a lot of great discussion around some things Domains admins need and are wondering about. Better documentation for Domain of One’s own was brought up, and is something that’s definitely on our radar, there was interest in more workshops for new Domains admins or refreshers for those who want that, but also the idea of a more advanced workshop for DoOO admins who are looking to learn more about managing the platform efficiently.

I was also really happy with the video platform we used! I upgraded the Jitsi install we have at meet.reclaimhosting.com and did some testing to make sure I was comfortable with it. This Jitsi install is hosted on Reclaim Cloud, and was installed with the Marketplace installer available there, so it was really fast and easy to get things set up! Not only that, the resource usage during the event was very minimal. During the entire event, the usage topped out at 22 cloudlets! Looking at the reporting after the fact, the event cost 8 cents to run on Reclaim Cloud for that hour of higher usage 🙂

  1. Yes, I know I’m behind on blogging this one… ↩︎